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Firm Overview

New York and New Jersey Trial Attorneys

Health Law— Transactions — Asset Protection — Commercial Litigation

In an often-confusing legal environment an experienced attorney can make the difference between productivity and paralyzing stress; profit versus loss.

At the law firm of Sarmasti PLLC, we strive to provide each client with the legal counsel and representation needed to resolve and, if possible, avoid legal challenges affordably and effectively.

Growth Through Continuing Relationships

Sarmasti PLLC continuously works towards fostering ongoing and long-term relationships with its clients that are primarily aimed at helping its clients grow and navigate through the challenges of the business world, rather than increase the firm’s “bottom-line” or revenues. Our clients have learned that our efforts help decrease the impact, if not fully avoid legal problems that left ignored would have grown into a costly and distracting legal crisis. Our attorneys are available to clients at any time for consultation if questions or legal challenges arise.

Sarmasti PLLC’s roster of clients in various economic sectors such as health care, retail, wholesale business and service, manufacturing, advertising and promotions or financial and lending. Sarmasti PLLC has represented and provided legal advice to its valued clients (including their owners and officers) in varying legal matters pertaining to commercial transactions, commercial litigation, health care law, shareholder and partner disputes, employment law, real estate law, assets protection and estate planning, wills, probate, divorce, and separation agreements.

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If you have questions regarding health care law, commercial transactions, litigation, business dissolution and formation, real estate law, family law, employment law, Federal and State tax laws, asset protection, estate planning or abandoned and unclaimed property contact us. Our New York City office is conveniently located in Times Square. Our northern New Jersey office is conveniently located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Attorneys at our law firm are available for evening and weekend appointments and Mr. Sarmasti is fluent in Farsi / Persian. To schedule an appointment, call 212.736.9119 in New York or 973.882.6666 in New Jersey.

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Fairfield Commons
271 Route 46 West
Suite A205
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: 973.882.6666

Times Square
729 Seventh Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, New York 10019
Phone: 212.736.9119
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Get directions
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