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Asset Protection and Estate Planning

New York and New Jersey Asset Protection and Estate Planning Attorneys

New Jersey — New York City — Fairfield, New Jersey — New York State

At the law firm of Sarmasti PLLC, we seek to protect our clients' assets and reduce or eliminate their future estate and current gift taxes.  We can do this through a broad range of planning techniques that involve a complete understanding of the laws and regulations.

  • Estate planning: Clients enlisting the help of attorneys for estate planning purposes can ensure that a large portion of their assets reach their spouse and children, or other beneficiaries of their estate, rather than be paid to the IRS or state taxing authorities.  The estate planning process can involve simple steps such as clear designation and careful selection of beneficiaries in Wills to more complex steps such as the formation of various irrevocable individual and family trusts, life insurance trusts, limited liability companies, and family partnerships.
  • Asset Protection: At the same time, or in-lieu of estate planning considerations, clients can explore whether their assets require protection from future creditors.  In most instances, clients use of a of single-asset or multi-asset holding companies, family limited partnerships, various types of trusts, or limited liability companies can help preserve individual and family assets for retirement, and family members.

The law firm of Sarmasti PLLC performs a review of the client's assets and liabilities, current and future plans, evaluates the risks associated with the client's business or employment along with the potential future liabilities faced by the client in their line of profession or employment.  Our firm works with the clients in creating a structure that will reduce or eliminate the client's estate taxes or protect the client's assets from future creditors.

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If you have questions regarding health care law, commercial transactions, litigation, business dissolution and formation, real estate law, family law, employment law, Federal and State tax laws, asset protection, estate planning or abandoned and unclaimed property contact us. Our New York City office is conveniently located in Times Square. Our northern New Jersey office is conveniently located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Attorneys at our law firm are available for evening and weekend appointments and Mr. Sarmasti is fluent in Farsi / Persian. To schedule an appointment, call 212.736.9119 in New York or 973.882.6666 in New Jersey.

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